Founder and Artistic Director
Ruo-Yu Liu

Born in 1956, a leading theatrical performer in the early 1980s and a native of Taiwan, Ruo-Yu Liu earned her MA in Theatre Arts form New York University, and was selected for a year-long master class under Polish director Jerzy Grotowski. Her year with Grotowski changed her entire outlook and approach to life and clarified her understanding that a piece of theater work, in essence, was the expression of ˇ§an individualˇ¦s attitude toward life.ˇ¨ It became her fundamental approach to performance art.

In 1988 Liu founded U-Theatre and introduced, together with Mr. Huang since 1993, novel facets of drumming meditation, and martial arts to create a series of original works integrated with a wide range of elements drawn from music, literature, drama, dance and ritual. These aesthetic syntheses have not only added another dimension to the Taiwanese expression in modern art, they have also earned U-theatre much acclaim and many invitations to perform internationally.

In 2008 Liu was awarded the 12th Annual Taiwan National Award for Arts: Best Art Performer.