“Upbeat Percussion Band” of Changhua Prison

In 2009, the Ministry of Culture (Formerly: the Council for Cultural Affairs) announced a new project, which was aimed to increase the interaction of the art performance groups and the local performance venues. U-Theatre was one of the chosen groups in this project and came to the Yuanlin Performance Hall in Changhua County. By chances, we got to know and meet the warden of Changhua Prison, who was quite interested in U-Theatre’s practices and training, and hoped to bring it to the prison.
Since then, we started to cooperate with Changhua Prison.Our senior teachers rigorously led the inmates to follow U-training – meditation, martial arts, and drumming, which all for developing their concentration, inner calmness, and inspiring energy. It was a hard time in the beginning, but we believed it would affect them in a good way. Later on, we further helped Changhua Prison to compose a group called “Upbeat Percussion Band”, which consisted of sixteen inmates.
On Nov 2009, Upbeat Percussion Band had their first performance in the Yuanlin Performance Hall, and it completely impressed the audience. Undoubtedly, U-Theatre’s cooperation with Changhua Prison truly gave a great and positive influence on the educational field and even society.

The Teenager Drummers Program

While U-Theatre was working with Changhua Prison in 2009, Ms. Liu found that most of the inmates came from a relatively underprivileged family. Their parent(s) might be negligent of taking care of them, and it quite possibly caused some behavior problems in adolescence. Accordingly, we then initiated “The Teenager Drummers Program” in 2011. We focused on teenagers from the underprivileged family and brought them to follow “U-Training” and “Feet in the Clouds”.
In 2011, we cooperatedwith the social welfare institution and the High School in Changhua, Yunlin, and Nantou county.
In 2014, we reached to the 7 remote and rural schools in Hsinchu and completed 38 days trekking and 21 performances.
In this program, we received numerous thankfulness from these children’s family. They said that they did saw some good changes on their children.
In 2017, under the invitation of Chiayi County Government, we came to four junior high schools in Chaiyi and the same brought our practices and training. It has continued for half a year since it started. The trekking  journey will begin on Feb 2018.