Sword of Wisdom(Formerly: Meeting with Bodhisattva)

2002 Taiwan / 2004 Taiwan, France, Hong Kong / 2005 China, Japan, Macao, France, Belgium, Philippines / 2008 USA / 2010 USA / 2011 Thailand / 2013 Taiwan, Singapore / 2014 Malaysia, Taiwan / 2017 China
Be water when entering water, be light when entering light, be empty to attain emptiness, be indestructible to attain indestructibility.
Sword of Wisdom conveys a quiet and steady force. Its story derives from four Buddhist verses – “One cudgel, like the sword of wisdom; one cudgel, like looking for a snake in the grass; one cudgel, like the roar of a lion; one cudgel, which is not a cudgel.” These verses were developed to illustrate a warrior’s path to self-actualization.
Although fearful when faced with life’s unknown, the warrior goes on to rid himself of all such worries and to search for wisdom. In doing so, he constantly elevates himself until he finally attains an inner stability and calm force. Because he wields a sword, the warrior sees his own cowardliness, but it’s also because of the sword that he finds the courage to face life.
1. Buddha’s Way
2. Sword of Spirits
3. Confronting
4. Crossing the River
5. Crouching Lion’s Roar
6. Sword of Wisdom
7. Mandala Tribute
Creative Team
Artistic Director│Liu Ruo-Yu
Music Director│Huang Chih-Chun
Set/Lighting Design│Lin Keh-Hua
Mask Design│Chang Wang
Costume Design│Tim Yip
Calligrapher│Cheng Yen-Ping