The Colours

2017 Premiere at the National Taichung Theater, Taiwan
The Colours is the brand new production by U-Theatre’s artistic director Liu Ruo-Yu and music director Huang Chih-Chun. With the colorful paintings of Ke Shu-Ling projected on stage,The Colours presents the best of U-Theatre’s art and multi-media projection.
The creation of The Colours comes from the calligraphy work Lao Chuang by calligrapher Dong Yang-Zi. In the calligraphy work, music director Huang Chih-Chun had felt the rhythm and tempo of calligraphy and further explored the philosophy of ink: “From the ink the five colors are equipped, and the colors will end in ink.” Therefore, the music of drums, gongs, and se creates the music style of The Colours.
In terms of the physical performance of The Colours, artistic director Liu Ruo-Yu used the Tai-chi training of the artists, the twirling and sinking movements of Tai-Chi creates different style from the past works.
The stage design is also a collaboration of painter Ke Shu-Ling, stage and lighting designer Lin Keh-Hua, video and projection designer Eason Wang, and costume designer Fu Tze-Ching. With the projection, the performance is to make a presentation of Chuang-Tze philosophy through the “substance” and “void” on stage.
1. Great form has no shape
2. Wings are all around the sky
3. Cook was cutting up a bullock
4. Chung Chou, dreamed I was a butterfly
5. Tao is hidden and nameless
Creative Team
Artistic Director│Liu Ruo-Yu
Music Director│Huang Chih-Chun
Collaboration of Painter│KeShu-Ling
Calligrapher│Dong Yang-Zi
Set/Lighting Design│Lin Keh-Hua
Costume Design│Fu Tze-Ching
Video Designer│Eason Wang