U-Ecological Base

In 2014, due to some obstacles, we had no choice but to give up the renewal plan of the Mountain Theatre at Laochuan Mountain.
However, creating a space for co-existence with life, art and environment was always an eager for Ms. Liu.By chance and serendipity, Ms. Liu came to Jinguashi – a village which was situated between the mountains and the coastline of Northeast Taiwan, and was known for the magnificent landscape and rich culture heritage.
At first glance, Ms. Liu already determined to have U-Theatre’s ecological base to be rooted in here. However, it was not easy to start with. In several times of seeking for government and villager’s understanding and acceptance, finally “U-Ecological Base”was confirmed to root in Jiguashi. It extended from the Jinguashi Geographic Park to Shiunandong.
In the U-Ecological Base, U-Theatre kept on practicing the philosophy of “Tao and Art as One” and the U-Training, and co-exist with nature harmoniously.
On Oct 2016, U-Theatre held a ceremony, which was aimed to give a new name of the Jinguashi Geographic Park – “Outdoor Goldmine Theatre”. Ms. Liu said, “The Outdoor Goldmine Theatre awakens my reminiscence of Carrière de Boulbon of the Festival d’Avignon in 1998, which is the first time U-Theatre stood on international stage.”

Outdoor Goldmine Theatre

Renovation with “Art”

The Outdoor Goldmine Theatre is situated at the Jinguashi Geographic Park, where was quite prosperous for the rich goldmine in the past. U-Theatre remains the unique landscape which caused by open-pit mining and creates the first open-air theatre in mining area of Taiwan.
It accommodates approximately 350 seats and will have performances regularly on Apr – Nov.

Shuinandong Experimental Theatre

A Black Box Theatre with Multimedia

Shuinandong is a village which mainly lived on the goldmine smelter industry in the past, and also used to be a leisure space for local villagers.To last villagers’ collective memory of this place, we created a space “Shuinandong Experimental Theatre” and planned to hold some activities about performing arts, aesthetics, and tour guidance with multimedia.
It accommodates approximately 450 seats.